10 Days in Scotland: The Itinerary

We recently got home from a trip to Scotland, and I am just bursting at the seams with excitement to share it all.  But… I am just having so much trouble putting anything into words.  Well no, I can do the words–AMAZING, beautiful, fun, beautiful, rustic, beautiful, exciting, beautiful (did I mention beautiful?)–but I can’t seem to get any coherent sentences or paragraphs going.

I think if I maybe give a brief overview by sharing our itinerary, I will get my brain back in the correct mode to do this 10-day Scotland adventure a bit of justice here on the blog.  So here is our Scotland trip at a glance:

Days One & Two: Edinburgh

scotland edinburgh west bow.jpg

Day Three: Dalwhinnie

scotland dalwhinnie balsporran bed and breakfast

Day Four: Culloden

scotland culloden battlefield.jpg

Day Five: Inverness

scotland inverness river ness.jpg

Days Six, Seven & Eight: Isle of Skye

scotland skye sligachan bridge

Day Nine: Glenfinnan

scotland glenfinnan viaduct.jpg

Day Ten: South Queensferry

scotland south queensferry midhops castle.jpg

Day Eleven: Heading Home

scotland heading home.jpg

So there you have it, a brief glimpse at our Scotland trip.  There is so much more to share, so I will get to work on the details.  🙂

Next Up:

Blurry-eyed but Ecstatic in Edinburgh

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