The Smooth Traveler (Sorrento Edition)

Do you have moments where you wish you could rewind and start over?  Like super clumsy moments, or times when your brain seems to have taken a sabbatical?  I have a LOT of them!  And unfortunately, as much as I would like to think I can keep it together and be super cool on vacation, it just doesn’t always work out that way!

So I thought, why not share my moments of ridiculousness?  Couldn’t hurt, right?  I mean, you guys don’t really know me.  Well, except for those of you who are my friends who I forced to check out the blog, in which case you already know I am a goober!  😉

So here it goes, the first edition of “The Smooth Traveler”…

Sorrento, Italy

We were traveling in Italy, and had just arrived in Sorrento.  Oh my gosh, was Sorrento beautiful!  The buildings built up onto the Cliffside, the turquoise sea, the brightly colored flowers and citrus trees all just kind of take your breath away.  It was charming too.  The streets were lined with nice shops and boutiques, scooters zipped down the road, and people were sitting outside of the cafés, drinking their espressos and aperitivos.

Yes, Sorrento was a beautiful Italian town and I was going to be a classy traveler there!  I should probably rent an Italian sports car and wrap my hair in scarf for our scenic cliffside drives…

sorrento hotel.jpg
Look at this place!  We were traveling in style now!

When we arrived at the Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, we paid the taxi driver and eagerly headed in the doors.  Those lovely revolving doors that you see in the picture–yes, that’s them.  I stepped gracefully in through those very doors and very ungracefully yanked my 3,000 pound suitcase behind me.  Now this part happened rather fast, so I am not sure exactly how it started, but let’s just say that there was a door mat that was pulled up and a door that wouldn’t move and a semi-panicked traveler wedged inside with her luggage…

I’m not quite sure how long the door was jammed.  Felt like hours, but in reality was probably under a minute or two.  Regardless, it was long enough for me to ponder the deeper questions in life: Who am I?  Why are we here?  Are suitcases really supposed to go through revolving doors?   Fortunately (before I could hurt myself by thinking too hard) the doors started moving again.  I can’t say what made them budge, as I was too distracted staring at the stuck doormat in shame contemplating the big questions, but I was finally out!  Yes, I was free!  I was elated!  I was… mortified!  So I stood in the corner of the lobby with my head hung in shame as my husband checked us in.  Then we walked up to our room, dropped that darn culprit of a suitcase off, and headed down to enjoy Sorrento.   Yeah that’s right.  I blamed the suitcase! 😛


11 thoughts on “The Smooth Traveler (Sorrento Edition)

  1. Oh this was good. You had me laughing several times. I can SO relate! I envy those people who look chic and cool while on vacation. I am still not sure how they do it.
    This post could have been me. Thanks for the laugh. Do you have more of those stories?

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  2. Ha ha ha, we are kindred souls! I am a super level goof too. I have lots of such moments whether I am travelling or not. To this day, I wish I could change around an afternoon at a relative’s where I wanted to say something but my words came out completely wrong. To my own ears, I was the ultimate fool. But words, once they leave your mouth, sigh. But there is a pro to this I suppose. I always aim to find one. When you are 80 even you would not forget it in a hurry, eh?

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