My Last Little Scraps of Florence Goodness

This last Florence post will be dedicated to all of the awesome Firenze goodness that didn’t make into my other posts.  Some of these things didn’t fit into any of the categories I already covered.  Some of these pictures are of places and things I can’t even name–the beautiful buildings, street corners, and ornate details that I know I loved but didn’t have the foresight to research or write down details.  So here it goes, the last scraps if you will…

The Doors

No, not the band.  Jim Morrison is cool and all, but I am talking about some of the amazing doors that can be found throughout the city.  There is of course Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise.  There are 10 panels, each depicting a scene from the Bible.  These bronze doors are pretty fascinating–I sure wouldn’t mind having another look!


The Gates of Paradise may be the best known (and shiniest!) doors in Florence, but I found many more that caught my interest.  Here are just a few examples of some doors that made us stop, look, appreciate, and snap some pictures:

The Graffiti

I have to say that graffiti is not usually an art form I appreciate.  Maybe that’s because I associate it with all of the tagging in my town, just a bunch of idiots misguided spray paint enthusiasts tagging their name on anything they can get their spray paint on.  C’mon people, do something productive!  But here in Florence, we were introduced to a kind of graffiti I can get on board with: stenciled graffiti! Are you kidding me?  Give me a stenciled donkey over a gang name written in bubble letters any day!  😉

The Mercato del Porcellino

We spent a little time browsing around the new market, looking for leather, souvenirs, and just enjoying the atmosphere.  I can’t remember if we bought anything, but I certainly remember the entertainment of a one man band and enthusiastically rubbing the boar’s nose in hopes for a return to Florence!  🙂

One man band at the Mercato del Porcellino
Version 2
Rubbing the snout of Il Porcellino for a return to Florence!


Something Interesting Around Every Corner

It seems like everywhere we went, we would find something beautiful or historical or just a little different.  I loved this about Florence!

I just loved this corner with the Ave Maria and the lantern!


So I think that is all I’ve got for Florence.  For now.  Until I sucker the husband into taking me back!  It will happen.  I know this because I rubbed Il Porcellino’s bronze snout and we made each other a promise to see each other again! ‘Til then, sweet Porker, ’til then…

Next Up:

Some more travel goodness, I’m sure! 😉



7 thoughts on “My Last Little Scraps of Florence Goodness

    1. I think there is a loophole for travelers who really covet a return trip! Only one caveat: you must not only rub his snout, but give him a good scratch behind the ears when you go back!!! 😉


      1. Ha ha ha return being the key word, is it… I shall think about it. As long as he is not too fragrant. Chances are high that I might bite into him otherwise. Boy, I just lost the caveat it seems :-/

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