You know when you are in a less-than-great situation and someone tells you to go to your happy place?  If you are having a stressful day at work, just go to your happy place.  If your kids are running wild and eating away at your sanity, close your eyes, plug your ears, and head to happier pastures.  Trying to sink a put, but you just can’t do it?  Oh wait, no, that’s  from Happy Gilmore.  But you get the idea, right?

I am assuming that you probably already have your own happy place to go to, and if you are like me, you may have quite a few to choose from.  But if not, let me loan you one of mine: the beautiful, green Caribbean island of St. Lucia ❤

st lucia green green green

We have been to St. Lucia twice, and since both visits were on cruises, we have only had the opportunity to visit for about 8 hours at a time.  But let me tell you, that is enough to have made me fall in love with this beautiful island!

If you do ever have the chance to go to St. Lucia, I would highly recommend booking a tour with COSOL Tours. We booked with Cosol for both of our trips, and we were provided an excellent experience both times.  The guides are informative and a whole lot of fun.  You will also be filled to the brim with delicious local food and drinks–yum!

To be honest, I cannot recall all of the details of our tours with Cosol.  I suppose that eight years will do that.  But I do remember the important things: St. Lucia is absolutely beautiful and abundantly green, the water is lovely, and the food is tasty.  And what I don’t remember, I can fill in with pictures.  What more do you need??

So here is a little photo tour through St. Lucia.  I hope this whets your appetite for a trip of your own.

Banana Plantation

One of our first stops was at a banana plantation.  It was interesting to learn about the cycle of banana plants, how they can only produce fruit once, but new growth is always shooting up to replace the old.

st lucia bananas
A visit to the banana plantation to learn about the life cycle of banana trees


Views, Views, and More Views!

St. Lucia is host to lush forested landscape as well as lovely hills and mountains, which means… amazing vista points all over the island.   As you drive along the windy roads that cut through the hills, you are treated to gorgeous views of the coastline wrapped snugly by green forest and small villages.  Perfect!

st lucia fishing village in the mist
Admiring the small fishing village along this stretch of beach.
st lucia peeking through the leaves
so. darn. green.  I love it!
st lucia high heel shoe
The rock formation in the distance looks a bit like a high heeled shoe!
st lucia boats
Looking down over Marigot Bay


In the town of Soufriere, we were able to visit the extinct volcano and sulfur springs.  We also stopped by the Toraille Waterfall and gardens.

The Pitons

If you have been to St. Lucia, you are surely already familiar with the Pitons.  These two volcanic peaks, blanketed in green, rise up over 2,000 feet above sea level on the southwest coast of the island.  They add to the already stunning landscape of the island, and the adventurous can even hike to the top of Gros Piton.  As for us, we have not yet made the hike, but I hope to make it happen if and when we return to the island.

st lucia village and pitons

Jalousie Beach

One of the stops we made on our tour was to Jalousie Beach.   Set between the Pitons, this beach is the perfect place to relax, swim, and snorkel.  To get to the beach, we took a water taxi, which might have been one of my favorite parts of the tour.

st lucia water taxi 3
our taxi awaits us…

st lucia jalousie beach 2.jpg

And *sigh* Heading Back…

As is always the problem with tours, it is eventually time to head back and call it a day.  We are always pretty sad to leave an island, but with such a busy tour, heading back to the ship to unwind wasn’t too terribly bad.  Plus the ship’s captain did a 360 degree turn so everyone could get a view of the Pitons as we sailed away.  It was a nice way to say goodbye to such a lovely island!

st lucia goodbye
watching the ship leave port (the wind helps create some awfully nice hairdo’s)
st lucia sunset
And of course no island departure is complete without a sunset…


Tips and Lessons Learned:

  • Go to St. Lucia if you can, and for pity’s sake, book a tour with Cosol! 🙂
  • If you have a chance to try some local foods, be sure to get some Johnny cakes with banana ketchup (yes, banana ketchup!).
  • It is awfully nice going on a tour with a local doing the driving and navigating.  But if you decide to do your own driving in St. Lucia, just be aware that the roads are windy and hilly, and drivers use the left side of the road, so keep left!


st lucia don't drink and drive
Interesting roadside reminder: don’t drink and drive!
  • There are some long stretches of road without facilities available, so make sure to use the restroom when you have a chance.  And don’t forget some cash, as I think I remember some of the bathrooms charging a small fee.





10 thoughts on “A Day in St. Lucia

    1. Aww thanks, friend. Indeed it is just too pretty of an island, and it sticks as one of my favorites.

      Oh and windblown for sure 🙂 I have the funniest pictures on the ship’s departure where my shirt has billowed out to make me look like a disheveled pregnant lady. That along with Cam’s hair and we were looking ridiculous!

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      Oooh, I have not even though about watching vlogs about these islands. I wonder if it may just send me over the edge though, considering that just reading and seeing a few pictures will have me starry-eyed and drooling at the computer!

      And now… I have to look up videos of St. Lucia 😛

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  1. St. Lucia was in the running for places for my wedding but Nevis beat it out just because it was closer (we had some elderly family members coming). We still haven’t made it there- yet! I would love to hike Gros Piton!

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