Travel Nerd Junior Reminisces About Costa Rica

Uh oh.  It looks like Travel Nerd Junior has possibly caught not only the travel bug, but the blogging bug as well!  So here he is, hovering over my shoulder as I type, begging and pleading to write his next post on the blog.  So here we ago again…

My Trip to Costa Rica

by: Travel Nerd Junior

About a year and a half ago, we went to Costa Rica. It was a fun time traveling for a week.  We had to go on a plane to get there. 🙂  I was a little sleepy on the airplane but it was still fun!

costa rica plane.jpg
toy  alert.

At Costa Rica we rented an Airbnb house. It was a big house and it fit our whole family.  It was at the beach.  

costa rica house.jpg
house with a mouse

As you all know we had super fun.  We did a lot of fun things! 🙂  We went KAYAKING!!!  It was like cruising the Caribbean. 🙂 After we went kayaking, I took a sleeping journey through snoring. 😛  When we woke up we went to the rainforest and it was raining. I started to cry because it was cold. I stopped crying because we got pineapples.  We played in waterfalls. Then we got to go nature Hiking. We saw sloths, monkeys, and birds.

A shark is down there ………….. joking
costa rica waterfall.jpg
whoa watch out slippery rocks.
Just keep walking.
Hey monkey, get some bananas right now!  *dab*

Then I guess Costa Rica wore us out. It’s time we had to head out we went on the plane and flew off.  🙂  We had a fun time.

10 thoughts on “Travel Nerd Junior Reminisces About Costa Rica

  1. You’re having some really awesome experiences. You’ve got some great parents, Travel Nerd Junior, and I love that you’re taking an interest in blogging. Do you plan to start your own some day? I laughed when you said that pineapples made you stop crying. I didn’t realize that pineapples were a crying cure, lol. 🙂 My son has been wanting to write a post for my blog as well, and you’re inspiring me to make it happen!

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    1. TN Junior is too preoccupied to respond right now, so I will reply in his stead. And surely I will say exactly what he would have said… 😛

      I can totally see him starting a blog, though its theme would most likely run along the lines of video games (BIG sigh). He is a busy kiddo with about a zillion interests, but he always seems to go back to video games. For now I guess we just keep attempting to broaden his horizons. 🙂 And give him pineapples when he cries, hehe!

      I can’t wait to see when your son gets going. Yay for kid bloggers 🙂

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      1. Seriously, have you seen the following these video game YouTubers have? They make tons of cash by playing video games and taking viewers along with them, teaching cheat codes, etc. And some kids that don’t have the games to play themselves love getting the experience of it. My son was obsessed for a long time, now he’s getting into making music, but he still goes back to it from time to time. Here’s to kid bloggers!

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      2. Oh my gosh, yes. For a while the kid was obsessed with watching minecraft streamers on YouTube. Even my husband enjoys watching gamers that stream. There is even an Overwatch League that seems like something that belongs on ESPN 8, The Ocho, but apparently the gamers who play on the league teams make a crap ton of money. Crazy.

        That is awesome that your son is making music. Such a great skill to have 🙂

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