Travel Nerd Junior Goes to Disneyland

My son has been asking me if he can contribute to the blog.  Well, how can I say no to my awesome first grade boy wanting to hone his writing skills?  He has decided that he wants to write his very first post on our November trip to Disneyland.  So without further ado, here is it:

My Family Trip to Disneyland

We went to Disneyland a couple months ago and it was really fun.  Me and my brother were a little bit crazy,  but still good.  I tried Guardians of the Galaxy.  I was a little scared. 😦 I am still glad I tried.  The rest of the rides were good.

disneyland guardians of the galaxy 1
This is Guardians of the Galaxy–it goes down A LOT!

disneyland guardians of the galaxy 3

We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel.  It was fun at the hotel and we got a family suite.  One room was a living room.  The bedrooms were a little small but I still like the rooms.  🙂  Me and my brother got to share beds at the hotel.  

disneyland makes me tired
We got tired from Disneyland!

I like Disneyland I don’t mean it is my first time. 🙂  We went on Splash mountain, grizzly river run, space mountain, and lots of rides.  I also went on Indiana Jones because I was finally tall enough 🙂

disneyland indiana jones
Indiana here we come!!!

At the end we went out to get ice cream and I got cookies and cream flavor.  It was good.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Travel Nerd Junior Goes to Disneyland

  1. It sounds like an awesome time! It was great to get your perspective on it. I love going on the rides, and I always wish they’d go even faster because I’m an adrenaline junkie. Which one of the rides was your favorite?

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