St Kitts: Just a Little Bit More

As I am wrapping up my posts on St Kitts–well, at least until our next trip 😉 –I realize that I have left out some of the great details that I love about the island.  So in an effort to fill in some of those gaps, here are a few more of my favorite pictures.

The Buildings

st kitts red roof travelnerdplans
Not sure what this is–a church, maybe?–but I think it is a great stone building

Here are some of the churches that we saw around the island.  They were all beautiful in their own ways, though I think the simple seaside church was my favorite…

And I love all of the colorful buildings in the Caribbean.  As if the blues and greens of nature are not enough, many of the homes and other structures are bathed in bright hues of their own.  ❤  So pretty!


St. Kitts and Nevis are known for the Vervet monkeys that roam the islands.  We encountered some that seem to be in the tourism business, like these guys here.

We also saw a few free roamers like this fellow below.  Do you suppose monkeys are taught to look both ways before crossing the street?

st kitts monkey crossing travelnerdplans
monkey crossing

And Some More Animals

I am a sucker for animals, especially when they are found meandering through green fields with palm trees and beaches as the backdrop.  Here are some of the 4-legged Kittitians we saw around the island.

st kitts donkeys travelnerdplans
I’d like to think this foal and its mama are having a heart-to-heart.

A Little Bit of History

During colonial times, St. Kitts was a major player in sugar production.  When slavery was abolished, plantations were no longer functional, and sugar production on the island eventually came to an end.  You can find reminders of St. Kitts’ sugar cane days around the island.  Below you see an old sugar mill as well as tracks from the trains that transported sugar cane from the plantations to the factories.  The trains still run today as a scenic railway tour.

Beauty Everywhere

The views around the island are pretty amazing.  Here are a few of my favorites:

st kitts driving views travelnerdplans

Random Sightings

While driving around the island, you may stumble across interesting sights, such as this landlocked boat.   It would seem it grew tired of a life at sea and volunteered to act as a planter.

st kitts overgrowth travelnerdplans

I also love this rum bottle tree.  I’m not sure if it has a special significance or history to it, but I would love to find out.  Comment below if you know.  🙂

st kitts rum bottle tree travelnerdplans

And that’s about it for now, so until next time, St. Kitts…



29 thoughts on “St Kitts: Just a Little Bit More

      1. Ha ha, a good, solid guffaw is good for the health. 😉 Plus, I think it is certainly preferable to a “chortle” which is what my husband swears I do on a regular basis. And my mom–who I grow more and more like each day–is a snorter. I really do not have bright prospects ahead of me in the laughter department…

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      2. It is important for us to keep our hubbies humble, and if a good public snorting is what it takes, so be it. 😉 I am always good for a public display of embarrassment–poor Cam did not know what he was in for when he married me.

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      3. Oh my gosh, this has gotten so off track. What happened to St. Kitts?? I am sitting here giggling–no probably chortling–at the idea of the possibilities here. I think we should co-author a compilation of ways to keep a husband humble.

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  1. These photos are beautiful! I love looking at photos of churches, each culture seems to have their own style of church which is fascinating. I really like how colourful some are, and then some seem more classic, with all the stones. Also, I love the monkeys!!

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  2. My husband and I got married on St. Kitts and took the ferry over to Nevis for our honeymoon. I remember hearing something that sounded like a baby crying, and finally I figured out it was goats! There were wild goats wandering all over Nevis, but they sounded like a baby crying for some odd reason.

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      1. That would be perfect. Looking back at wedding planning, it was stressful, and I was like a mad woman trying to get everything done. Just showing up sounds a lot nicer! Especially in St. Kitts ❤

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