I’d Rather be Traveling!

On the suggestion of a friend, I have decided to start this blog to share some of my travel expertise.  And by “expertise” of course I do not mean my expert skill or knowledge (both of which I probably have little-to-none!), but rather just my extremely overzealous and freakish tendency toward compulsive research and planning (with the added bonus of my deep down love for tables and charts!!).

I also thought blogging about travel might help to fill that big gaping void I get when I am not traveling.  You know that great big sad hole you get when you are stuck in one place?  It starts as annoying little nudge of sadness on the last day of a trip and then keeps growing into a  great big void that can only be summed up with a Debbie Downer type of “Wah wuhhhhh!”  Anyway, I thought that maybe writing about travel might help keep that at bay!

So here I am writing my first post on this blog.  Kind of fun and exciting!!  But of course, I’d rather be traveling!  (Maybe somewhere like here: Dominica!)


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